Watching Snow Melt

I told my wife last night that I really enjoyed watching snow melt. As she picked herself up off of the floor and stopped laughing, knowing that I wasn’t as boring as that comment might suggest, she acknowledged that I probably meant something more than the literal translation of the words that came out of… Read More

(with technical assistance from our partners at Prism Analytical Technologies) Winter is a time when we all close our doors and windows, crank up the furnace and gather our family around the fireplace. Unfortunately, winter is also a time for drastic reductions in indoor air quality. No one wants to think about the air in… Read More

Deck Inspection Certification

Deck Railing Post-to-Deck Framing Connections The North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) recently launched an effort to certify home inspectors in the inspection and evaluation of decks, and last month I became the third inspector in Washington State to achieve that certification. I applaud NADRA’s efforts as decks and railings are often homeowner-built, rarely… Read More

Many of you are aware that Watermeade Valley Home Inspection works with Prism Analytical Technologies to conduct two different indoor air quality tests – one to test for and measure both volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and mold VOC’s, and another to test and measure for formaldehyde. The formaldehyde option is a direct result of the… Read More

Last week I spent 34 hours over a five-day timeframe learning about infrared thermography, or the ability to see and measure the radiation we all know as heat, and as a result I am now a Certified Level One Thermographer. So what does this mean? It may be easiest to compare thermography to the taking… Read More

Follow The Clues

Home Inspectors are, by their nature, curious. We take in incomplete bits of information and work to put them together in a way that makes sense and hopefully provides real concrete information to our clients. Sometimes the clues are obvious… a deteriorated cabinet bottom under a sink pretty clearly suggests a past or present water… Read More

Insulation. Fiberglass, mineral wool, cellulose, spray foam… all are extensively used. I’ve even seen wood shavings used as insulation. And then there is vermiculite. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that forms from the weathering of micas by ground water. When heated to 800-1100 degrees centigrade it undergoes an accordian-like unfolding and expansion, becoming very… Read More

Angie’s List Award/ThurstonTalk Article

Watermeade Valley Home Inspection, a locally owned and operated home inspection firm, has been awarded the Super Service Award Read More…                … Read More

Ok… ok.  I get it.  They are less expensive to build.  Compared to basements, crawl spaces mean you dig smaller holes, haul away less dirt, and use less concrete.  They have a reduced exposure to ground water problems.  They allow you to build more usable space above ground at the same or lower cost.  And… Read More

Watermeade Valley Home Inspection performed an Olympia home inspection last weekend on an older home in a long-developed area.  One of the things we look for when inspecting an older home – and rarely find – is evidence of past oil heat.  This weekend’s inspection turned up the kind of evidence we look for. The… Read More