Watermeade Valley Home Inspection performed an Olympia home inspection last weekend on an older home in a long-developed area.  One of the things we look for when inspecting an older home – and rarely find – is evidence of past oil heat.  This weekend’s inspection turned up the kind of evidence we look for. The… Read More

Building Science Detective Needed!

I took this photo at a recent inspection. The switch was in a bedroom, next to a bathroom door, on the second floor of a 10 year old home. Any guesses as to what it shows? The staining has the look of something being 'sprayed' out from the switch box. Scorching from an electrical short… Read More

Daylight savings time ends on the first Sunday of November… November 4 this year. While I’m a fan of ‘gaining’ an extra hour of sleep, having it get dark an hour earlier is not such a great thing. Couple that with the typical stormy November weather and the sunny evenings on the deck in August… Read More

Home Electrical Safety

When homes first started being wired for electricity, an unintended but informative science experiment began. Grab a bare wire while standing on the ground… zap. Have a wire break or develop a loose connection… fire. Once people had been zapped enough or had their homes burned down enough and we began to understand the causes… Read More

Keeping it Fresh

Crawl spaces. Even the name is unappealing. It conjures visions of darkness and creepy crawly things, and because of that the space under your home is one of its most neglected and misunderstood areas. What it should bring to mind however is health, and while your home’s health can be gauged in the crawl space… Read More