HomeBinder is a homeowner’s best friend!

HomeBinder – a cloud-based home management system – helps you manage your home, whether it’s tracking and scheduling maintenance needs, creating a home inventory so as to be prepared for a fire or theft, or tracking contractors, receipts, and paint colors. You can even use it to create an historical record of maintenance and work on your home that you can then use to help you sell it when the time comes.

One of the important tasks undertaken by HomeBinder is an immediate recall check on all of the home’s appliances. We set up your binder after your report is done, including entering brand/model/serial numbers on all of the appliances, and the first communication you receive from them is information on any appliance recalls.

This is a problem that cannot be taken lightly… the March 2012 edition of Consumer Reports magazine included an article entitled “Appliance fires: Is your home safe?, and subtitled “Millions of dishwashers, fridges, ranges, and more are on recall lists”. One example in the article… from 2002-2009 there were over 1500 fires caused by refrigerators! Read the article here. (used with permission)

Your HomeBinder is our gift to you, because a safe and well-organized home is more likely to be a happy home!

Watermeade Valley Home Inspection is proud to include this service at no additional cost to you. After all, we want our own family protected this way…