Expansion Tanks

We have recently had several discussions with clients about the relative need and purpose of thermal expansion tanks installed in a plumbing system, and decided to write this blog post to shed some light on these little understood pieces of plumbing hardware. The residents in a typical home connected to a community water source never… Read More

While many homes in the Pacific Northwest do not have mechanical air conditioning systems installed, more and more people buying homes are looking for ones that do have air conditioners and/or heat pumps installed (a heat pump is basically an air conditioner running in reverse).  Whole house air conditioning systems are becoming more and more… Read More

Asbestos in the Home

We are often asked about the relative safety of materials found in the home.  Parents justifiably want to know if the home they are providing for their family is safe, and during the stress of purchasing a home some words can elicit a knee-jerk reaction… words such as lead, mold, asbestos. What is Asbestos and… Read More

Well, Is Your Water Safe?

One item on our list of inspection services that we don’t talk about often enough is well water testing.  We recommend that any buyer of a home on a private well, whether that well serves a single home or many homes, have the water tested prior to purchasing the home and then every year thereafter. … Read More

It’s All About The Timing

Most of the work we do as home inspectors comes at a terrible time in the real estate sales process.   The sellers have spent months lining up a realtor, cleaning and decluttering their home, leaving the home whenever there is a showing, and then anxiously waiting for the offers to appear.  The buyers have… Read More

Is This House a Flip or a Flop?

House Flips.  While the phrase carries some negative baggage, it is also the origin story for several successful television shows.  Everyone can envision themselves buying a fixer, making a bunch of great design decisions, and then selling the house for a profit.  Easy, right? No.  Just no.  I have seen too many homes that have… Read More

Electrical System Voltage Overview

Home Inspectors in the State of Washington are required to follow the Standards of Practice as described in the applicable Washington Administrative Code – Chapter 308-408C.  Electrical system inspection is described in section 110… but it poses a conundrum.  Inspectors are required to describe the system voltage, yet we are not required to insert any… Read More

Gotta’ Love Hot Water

Just about everyone loves standing in the shower, basking in the warmth of hot water. Whether you spend your time daydreaming or methodically planning your day, a shower is a few minutes of calmness in what can otherwise be a modern hectic life. We take that time for granted, but that has not always been… Read More

How To Pick The Right Home Inspector

Buying a home is a big deal, and most people are pretty clear about the need to have it inspected. Many issues can lurk in the dark corners, and unless the home buyer is also a contractor with a well-developed list of sub-contractors, paying a trained professional to take an unbiased and dispassionate look at… Read More

Faulty Thinking

Anyone who thinks that something is unlikely to happen because it has not yet happened is engaging in  ‘faulty thinking’.  Anyone thinking “I won’t get run over by a car while crossing this intersection on foot because I’ve crossed this intersection at least 500 times and have never been run over” had better carefully look… Read More